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Zesto Audio - Andros II Phonostage

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7.950,00 €

The Andros II comes with Zesto's new ESP power supply which is available as an upgrade for the Andros 1.2 

What is the ESP (Energy Source Power) Supply?

Zesto named it the ESP Supply because it anticipates the energy needs of the music. The new ESP Supply unlocks the true potential of the circuit, so it is at ease and doesn’t have to work as hard.

It allows more music to flow through with more detail. It also creates a more dynamic presentation, the quiet passages are quieter and louder passages have more punch.

The sound quality is an improvement throughout the frequency spectrum, so you have better clarity on the bass, midrange, and highs.

Here are the top 8 improvements:

  • The transformer changes from an IE to a Toroid design, which generates significantly less noise because it does a better job of concentrating the magnetic field
  • The high voltage increases by 17% from 250 V to 300 V which provides more headroom
  • Dynamic range is increased from 2 dBV to 11 dBV, so the quietest parts are quieter and the louder parts are louder
  • The ESP Supply is designed with bigger, fewer and heftier parts, which delivers more power with improved reliability
  • The rugged design of the ESP Supply makes it more resilient to power surges.
  • Both the high and low voltage supplies provide more current, so it’s less restrictive to deliver more music
  • Maximum output level before clipping is increased up to 3 V RMS, depending on the unit to allow more punch
  • In the Phonostages, the noise level is 5 dBV quieter, which increases the black levels considerably

Why Vinyl Records

For true audiophiles, nothing equals the warmth, dynamic range and fidelity of vinyl records. A critical component of every music lovers Vinyl playback system is the Phonostage or Phono preamp.

Why a Phonostage is So Important

When a vinyl record is made the volume of the bass is reduced and the treble is increased. Otherwise, the bass would cut a groove too big for a stylus to read or for the music to fit the record.

The phonostage reverses the process by taking the delicate signal from your cartridge and adjusting it so that the bass and treble are restored to their original volume.

This common standard is known as the RIAA curve.

The Andros

Inspired by RCA’s vacuum tube circuit designs from the 1930s, the Andros has been engineered to bring you the clarity and depth of the original recording. Your highs will be crisp but not overly emphasized,

your midranges clear and present without being shrill and your lows full and firm without being boomy.

A Startling Difference

As we went through testing our panel of audiophiles marveled at hearing subtle nuances, discovering new things in recordings they’d played many, many times.

They appreciated its clear stereo image with maximum channel separation and minimal phase distortion.

Hearing is Believing

Words are inadequate to the task of explaining the Andros. You simply must hear it to believe it.

What is Andros?

Andros is a Greek Island, and the home of my grandmother’s family.


  • The circuit is specifically designed to provide sufficient amplification to match your cartridge with the rest of your system
  • Each unit is hand built “Made in the USA”
  • 50 hour factory burn in on all circuits and vacuum tubes
  • A low noise level of -80 dBv below maximum output allows the quietest passages to be heard
  • RCA connectors are high quality, Gold plated, recessed with an isolated ground.
  • Isolated ground RCA connectors plus the ground on/off switch will allow you to choose the best ground configuration
  • All switches and knobs are easily accessible, nothing hidden inside to adjust.
  • Two position MM switch 47K and 15K ohm to accommodate more cartridges
  • 10 position MC load switch from 20 to 1000 ohm and more in the sweet spot above 200
  • Accommodates both high and low MC output cartridges
  • Elegantly designed 16-gauge steel enclosure to help isolate the electronic “chatter” from nearby equipment
  • On/Off power switch conveniently mounted on front side panel
  • Easy-to-read large type on back panel


Output impedance: 10 Kohm

Max output level: +8.5 V

Tube complement: 4 x gold pin JJ ECC83S/12AX7 

MM input gain: 47 dB

MC input gain: 67 dB

MC impedances (ohm): 1000, 800, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 20 

Dimensions (WDH): 17" x 12" x 5"

Weight: 20 lb

Manufacturer Zesto Audio
Preamplifiers Phono Stages
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